The final installment of the Cosmic Corridors writings from Sxuperion.  Claustrophobic deathmetal with space atmospheres.  CD/digipak format $6.00 plus shipping.

...or go here for digital download.

Verrater/SxuperioN split CD.  Available in digipack format from BMR, $10.00 plus shipping.  Also available in cassette format from Sordid Curse Prod.  Check out a sampling here.

Part three of the Cosmic Corridors trilogy.  Available in CD format for $10.00 plus shipping, or available for download here.


Sxuperion is a solo project only.

For more information on Sxuperion,

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EON - Part two of the 'Cosmic Corridors' series...inspired by the Greg Bear sci-fi novel 'EON'. Available in simple digipak format for $5.00 plus shipping.... or available for download here.

The first official e.p. release in die-hard digipak, sold out, but available for download here.

Second e.p. sold out, you can download this album here.

Third e.p. called 'IGO'.  The digipak format is currently sold out; you can download the album here.

The first SxuperioN full length 'Through Cosmic Corridors, inspired by the Larry Niven sci-fi novel 'A World Out of Time'... Currently sold out.  This album is available for download here.