BMR welcomes ALL submissions.  Please write to the above email address or send physical copies to the above p.o. box address.  We thank you very much for your submissions, and we cannot always get back to everyone that shares their music with us... so don't be upset if you don't hear back from us.  We listen to everything!  Thank you!


Valdur, Sxuperion, SXAP, Weverin, Spice Breather and Garden of Hesperides are licensed and copyrighted to Bloody Mountain Records.  Any duplication of BMR releases, BMR bands, BMR music, BMR art, etc. for personal or corporate financial gain will result in legal retribution, violence, bodily harm, etc...

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If you are feeling impatient, there are plenty of links throughout this website that will direct you to the labels' Bandcamp site where you can download most of our releases...You will find the links are usually in the color of red...

There is no BMR social medias site besides hereand  bandcamp, as well as a simple youtube account where some of our albums are available for full streaming.  We are not much into social medias and hype.


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