SXAP - Covetous.  The most obscure and

distorted of this atmosphere...

Digital only here.

SXAP - Cathedral  

 a more violent approach to experimental / ambient

side project called SXAP.  Harsh and


CD $8.00   (available May 1st)

SXAP - The Broken Anchor

Songs full of  unknown and unusual

atmosphere.   CD $5.00

or listen here.


SXAP - a/d '03-'06

Old ambient noise and drone.

Available here.

is the experimental solo project of... 

SXAP - s/t

Atmospheric metal.  Very limited. 

CD $8.00 plus shipping.  Or go here for

a download.

SXAP - Monument.  An epic and

atmospheric journey through nature.

Currently sold out.  But available for

download here.

Visit here for all of the SXAP releases...