BMR is from the eastern border of California, just east of Yosemite Park, Eastern Sierra Range.   The small town we live in is at 7,000 ft. in elevation, just north of Mt. Whitney called Crowley Lake/Hilton Creek (pop. 875).    link

Valdur featured in latest issue of Forgotten Path print magazine from Lithuania!  Much respect to Odium and his staff for publishing a glossy cover, underground magazine that doesn't compromise...  For more information or to obtain a copy, go here.

June 3rd, Valdur live, support for Demoncy and Angelcorpse, along with Old Coven, Crurifragium, Sakrificer, Maledict and Imperialist.


Crowley Lake, Eastern Sierras, CA where BMR resides.

Do you really think that your band looks epic and brutal on social medias?...