BMR is from the eastern border of California, just east of Yosemite Park, Eastern Sierra Range.   The small town we live in is at 7,000 ft. in elevation, just north of Mt. Whitney called Crowley Lake/Hilton Creek (pop. 875).    link

Spice Breather- Crawling Planetary Being.... the second installment of soundtrack music by Sxuperion.  Check it out here.

Check out Black Iron Distro, a couple of our releases are available here.

Sxuperion - Myriad e.p. now available in CD/digipak format for $6.00 plus shipping, or available here in digital download format.  This e.p. concludes the Cosmic Corridors writings from Sxuperion.

Valdur in latest issue of Forgotten Path print magazine from Lithuania.  For more information or to obtain a copy, go here.

Valdur - Divine Cessation, available in full Dec. 1st.  Horrifying black/death metal with no triggers, no clicks, etc.  Each performer here fights for  sonic supremacy...

Title track out here and here.

coverart by: farronloathing

Crowley Lake, Eastern Sierras, CA where BMR resides.