New release on BMR!  Verrater/SxuperioN split CD.  On diehard digipack format.  Each CD will come with a separate patch from each band.  Click here to listen to a song from both bands... available Oct. 31st

$10.00 plus shipping, worldwide

...this release will also be available in

cassette format from Sordid Curse Prod.

"...our desire for isolation from the triggered, plastic trends of the metal scene of today" -BMR

New release for BMR-

SXUPERION -  Cosmic Void

Part three of the Cosmic Corridors trilogy...

Five songs (36 mins.) of cosmic death metal.  Available in CD format for $8.00 plus shipping.  Also available for download here.

Valdur headliner mini-tour, 2015

New to the BMR roster is Spice Breather.  This is a non-metal release.  But in our eyes, it's more atmospheric than all of the plastic, candy-coated, regurgitated major label metal music of today.   For fans of Tangerine Dream, Aphex Twin, Orb, etc...  ambient soundtrack music - here.

Valdur just recently completed another successful headliner show to a full house down in Los Angeles (6 hrs. away).  More shows coming soon... as well as a new single called 'Molted'.

Valdur, live... (9-5-15)

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