Divine Cessation vinyl.  Available now... for purchase here.

Second release from CABINET, available


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Valdur - Goat of Iniquity

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Third Spice Breather... available here

Sxuperion - Endless Spiritual Embodiment


New Sxuperion - Omniscient Pulse

feel the blood of the universe pulse here.

Crowley Lake, Eastern Sierras, CA where BMR resides.

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New from BMR.... CABINET.  Dare to open all five drawers of filth and decay. 

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New Sxuperion full length:

Auscultating Astral Monuments

available in digital download, digipack and vinyl formats.  Discover a new corner of the Sxuperion universe here

Valdur - Divine Cessation

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Oreamnos - Into the Night

featuring members of Weverin, Valdur,

Sxuperion, etc....

...wander into the night here.