Valdur - Goat of Iniquity: another chain of songs containing deep extremities and primitive, suffocating atmospheres.  This is not a continuation of our previous release; this album moves backwards in a far more violent structure and sound; like a deathmetal cassette from 1988.  'Goat of Iniquity' was recorded by us and us alone in the Bloody Mountain Bunker, with no triggers or other redundant studio shortcuts.  Vicious underground metal recorded in a live setting.  Not for trendy ears!  For Valdur, ‘Goat of Iniquity’ is another step deeper into the obscure halls of integrity.

Dirty and filthy and meant to offend....AVAILABLE OCTOBER 19TH, 2018 FROM BLOODYMOUNTAIN RECORDS

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BMR is from the eastern border of California, just east of Yosemite Park, Eastern Sierra Range.   The small town we live in is at 7,000 ft. in elevation, just north of Mt. Whitney called Crowley Lake/Hilton Creek (pop. 875).    link

There are no descriptions here.  Just click on and image or link and see if it leads you somewhere...maybe just to some music?  Or...?  Wow, heyyy...!   We embrace the unknown, on our own...

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.  -H.P. Lovecraft

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Crowley Lake, Eastern Sierras, CA where BMR resides.