New release on BMR!  Verrater/SxuperioN split CD.  On diehard digipack format.  Each CD will come with a separate patch from each band.  Click here to listen to a song from both bands... available Oct. 31st

$10.00 plus shipping, worldwide

...this release will also be available in

cassette format from Sordid Curse Prod.

Valdur's Pathetic Scum is now available via SORDID CURSE Prod. on cassette format.  $6.66 plus shipping.  Includes an exclusive track that is only available in cassette format (and on a compilation cassette release through Sam Hitz and The Larb).  This cassette is also available from SORDID CURSE.

New to the BMR roster is Spice Breather.  This is a non-metal release.  But in our eyes, it's more atmospheric than all of the plastic, candy-coated, regurgitated major label metal music of today.   For fans of  Tangerine Dream, Aphex Twin, James Plotkin, Robert Rich, Orb, etc...  ambient soundtrack music - here.

Valdur, live... (9-5-15)

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"...our desire for isolation from the triggered / rock 'n roll trends of the metal scene of today" -BMR

New release for BMR-

SXUPERION -  Cosmic Void

Part three of the Cosmic Corridors trilogy...

Five songs (36 mins.) of cosmic death metal.  Available in CD format for $8.00 plus shipping.  Also available for download here.

Valdur headliner mini-tour, 2015

Valdur just recently completed another successful headliner show to a full house down in Los Angeles (6 hrs. away).  More shows coming soon... as well as a new single called 'Molted'.

Two live events for Valdur, Fall 2016


out now on Digipak


or for download,

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